COVID-19 emergency service plan is still in effect. Mountain Transit continues to provide essential transit service. Face coverings are required to ride, and contactless mobile fare payment is strongly recommended. If you're unable to practice social distancing, we advise waiting for the next bus. Thank you for your understanding.
Effective 3/15/21, Route 5 Service has been reinstated to Mondays and Fridays completing two round trips.

Developers (GTFS Data)

Data for Mountain Transit service information (schedules, stop locations, route alignments, fares, and service calendar) is made available in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format. Download the Mountain Transit GTFS data file. This data is maintained with the support of TransLoc GTFS Builder software. Some applications that utilize GTFS data are listed in the App Center. Please contact Mountain Transit if you offer an application that should be included in the App Center. If you are a developer with questions about Mountain Transit services or data, contact Mountain Transit.
Terms and guidelines for use of GTFS data