COVID-19 emergency service plan is still in effect. Mountain Transit continues to provide essential transit service. Face coverings are required to ride, and contactless mobile fare payment is strongly recommended. If you're unable to practice social distancing, we advise waiting for the next bus. Thank you for your understanding.
Effective 3/15/21, Route 5 Service has been reinstated to Mondays and Fridays completing two round trips.
Route 3

Big Bear Route 3

Mountain Meadows to Gold Mountain
Monday - Friday

 Route Information

Route 3 connects Mountain Meadows to Gold Mountain. If you are looking to transfer between these communities see map and route details below.

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 Popular Destinations

  • Shopping: Stater Bros
  • Activity: Bear Mountain Ski Resort
  • Hospital: Bear Valley Community Hospital
  • Shopping: Local Thrift Stores
  • School: Big Bear Middle School
  • Mountain Transit Big Bear Office!
  • Destination: Mountain Meadows Senior Community

Interactive Map

Text Stop ID # to (909) 963-0076 for real-time bus arrivals on your phone
Stop Run #1 Run #2 Run #3 Run #4 Run #5 Run #6 Run #7 Run #8 Run #9
Mountain Transit Transfer Point at Fox Farm Road
8:20am 9:20am 10:20am 11:20am 12:20pm 1:20pm 2:20pm 3:20pm 4:20pm
Stater Bros
8:22am 9:22am 10:22am 11:22am 12:22pm 1:22pm 2:22pm 3:22pm 4:22pm
Big Bear Blvd & Starvation Flats (AM/PM Gas Station)
8:26am 9:26am 10:26am 11:26am 12:26pm 1:26pm 2:26pm 3:26pm 4:26pm
Big Bear Blvd & Division Dr (Motel 6)
8:28am 9:28am 10:28am 11:28am 12:28pm 1:28pm 2:28pm 3:28pm 4:28pm
Greenway Dr & Arbor Ln
8:30am 9:30am 10:30am 11:30am 12:30pm 1:30pm 2:30pm 3:30pm 4:30pm
North Shore Dr & Gold Mountain Dr
8:31am 9:31am 10:31am 11:31am 12:31pm 1:31pm 2:31pm 3:31pm 4:31pm
Big Bear Blvd & Saw Mill Dr (Mercer Tire)
8:34am 9:34am 10:34am 11:34am 12:34pm 1:34pm 2:34pm 3:34pm 4:34pm
Big Bear Blvd & Big Tree Dr
8:37am 9:37am 10:37am 11:37am 12:37pm 1:37pm 2:37pm 3:37pm 4:37pm
North Shore and James Place
8:40am 9:40am 10:40am 11:40am 12:40pm 1:40pm 2:40pm 3:40pm 4:40pm
Big Bear Blvd and Thrush West
8:47am 9:47am 10:47am 11:47am 12:47pm 1:47pm 2:47pm 3:47pm 4:47pm
Big Bear Blvd & Eureka Dr (McDonald’s)
8:49am 9:49am 10:49am 11:49am 12:49pm 1:49pm 12:49pm 3:49pm 4:49pm
Knickerbocker at Pedder rd
8:51am 9:51am 10:51am 11:51am 12:51pm 1:51pm 2:51pm 3:51pm 4:51pm
Mountain Meadows Senior Apts.
8:53am 9:53am 10:53am 11:53am 12:53pm 1:53pm 2:53pm 3:53pm 4:53pm
Big Bear Blvd & Alden Rd (Sandy’s Sports Bar/Verizon Store)
8:57am 9:57am 10:57am 11:57am 12:57pm 1:57pm 2:57pm 3:57pm 4:57pm
Big Bear Blvd & Jeffries Rd
8:58am 9:58am 10:58am 11:58am 12:58pm 1:58pm 2:58pm 3:58pm 4:58pm
BV Community Hosp at Garstin Dr (East)
8:59am 9:59am 10:59am 11:59am 12:59pm 1:59pm 2:59pm 3:59pm 4:59pm
Moonridge Rd & Brownie Ln (Walgreen’s Pharmacy)
9:01am 10:01am 11:01am 12:01pm 1:01pm 2:01pm 3:01pm 4:01pm 5:01pm
Bear Mt. Ski Resort at Goldmine Dr
9:07am 10:07am 11:07am 12:07pm 1:07pm 2:07pm 3:07pm 4:07pm 5:07pm
Moonridge Rd & Sheephorn Rd (Empty Field)
9:08am 10:08am 11:08am 12:08pm 19:08pm 2:08pm 3:08pm 4:08pm 5:08pm
Moonridge Rd & Fir St (Perfect “10” Nails)
9:09am 10:09am 11:09am 12:09pm 1:09pm 2:09pm 3:09pm 4:09pm 5:09pm
Mountain Transit Transfer Point at Fox Farm Road
9:10am 10:10am 11:10am 12:10pm 1:10pm 2:10pm 3:10pm 4:10pm 5:10pm
Service not provided on 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day
Sunday schedule is operated on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day


Regular Senior/Disabled/Veterans
$1.50 $0.75